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Wisconsin-Grown American Ginseng Bullet Jumbo Ginseng by Roland Ginseng Authentic Wisconsin Ginseng
Roland American Ginseng Bullet Jumbo Package 8oz

Roland American Ginseng Bullet Jumbo Package 8oz

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Roland's Bullet collection features a short, stocky root most known for its abundance in Marathon County and seldom anywhere else. Bullet-shaped ginseng requires the thicker soil that central Wisconsin is best known for. Along the 45th parallel marker, the geographical designation of the last Ice Age's glacial deposits, such conditions allow the roots to grow wider and shorter.

Genuine American Ginseng grown in Wisconsin in our Bullet Jumbo Package. Roots are 1.25 inches long. Jumbo Diameter.

All ginseng packaged and sold by Roland Ginseng LLC is hand-selected and graded for consistency and quality.